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My Fantasy Wife

Mar 17, 2020

We’re BACK! After moving to DC from NC - having to say good bye to our co-hosts Louis Bishop and Drew Harrison - we’ve pulled it together and risen from the ashes with new DC co-hosts comedians JAMAL RUSSELL& GLENN LAWRENCE!

Turns out, we scheduled our relaunch right when they cancelled all sports. But never fear! There is love of sports and comedy in the time of Corona. Join us as we fill out “March Madness Fan Fiction Brackets” using fake teams from TV and movies (not all of them basketball teams) and empower ATL comedian Dedrick Flynn to be the Bracket God, selecting which teams advance in each matchup, sometimes not even teams on the bracket! NOTE: we are social distancing, so we are all calling into the studio of Glenn Lawrence, so, yeah, the sound is not perfect and we talk over each other a little, BUT. WE. ARE. MAKING. IT. HAPPEN! And we’ll KEEP doing it so long as the electricity stays on, looking forward to when we can re-re-launch when we can all be in the same room.