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Jun 29, 2017

Sure, we talk take-aways from the #NBA Draft, the new #Netflix show #GLOW - #GlamorousLadiesofWrestling & Gary and Drew give a terse #MLB round up; but make no mistake, this episode is dedicated to #GOT #GAMEOFTHRONES ! This year, Comedian JOE PERROW - follow him @JoePerrow - will serve as our "Dragon Master" judging points in our GOT Fantasy League. We recap last season, talk about possibilities for this season, the possible spin off series, rule changes and MORE!

And check out " "Brent and Joe's Game of Thrones and Gas Station Wine Review Podcast" where Joe & fellow comedian BRENT BLAKENEY review gas station wine while discussion Game of Thrones - a beautiful thing! (disclosure: I've known Blake a couple years now, but somehow called him "Blake Brentley" - which is also a completely viable real name).  Follow Brent on Twitter & Instagram at @sixsevencomedy.  Look for episodes under "Working Bits" podcast:

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