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My Fantasy Wife

Sep 5, 2016

Our Labor Day Weekend Extra! No standard episode this week.  But, as promised, just like last year with the podcast's first fantasy football league, Blaire interviews Gary about his opinions on the quality of the the fantasy teams drafted by everyone in the league and grades them.  Spoiler Alert: Gary gives himself the highest grade.

We also talk about signing up for our Eliminator League & our weekly Twitter Pick 5 game, and address league waiver wire and draft start "controversies" and go over some terms in the upcoming Gary's Glossary of Football Phrasology.

This leagues participants in order listed in league: Gary Haymes, Blaire Postman, Alex Conti, Drew Harrison, Brian Bava, Timmy Booth, Laura Cahoy, Donnell "Dink" Kearney, Louis Bishop & Wills Maxwell.

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