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My Fantasy Wife

Feb 22, 2016

This week welcome guest MIKE MARTIN:owner of RENAISSANCE RUMBLE (Shakespeare themed intro to pro-wrestling school & performance troupe) & member of HOUSE OF PAIN wrestling gym in Hagerstown, MD.  We discuss getting into wrestling, why the love, how do you know when wrestling chooses you, & the ups & downs of KAYFABE.

We also take on the U of Tennessee Title 9 Scandal (which Drew insists on calling the Peyton Manning Scandal), an Olympics riddled with Zika virus & raw sewage, how Trump owned the NJ Generals (& then torpedoed the whole USFL) ... and Deadpool & how creepy "The Witch" looks...AND IT'S BLAIRE'S BIRTHDAY!!! (yes, we tape on birthdays & lesser holidays, because we're damn professionals)