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My Fantasy Wife

Mar 29, 2016

Sure, we talk about the NCAA tournament and Warriors v. Spurs, oh and the movie "Snatch" ... a lot.  But Ep. #62 is really all about Brian Granger & his theory on why the NBA can't afford all these young one-and-done college players, the Houston Rockets' owners' conspiracy to frame OJ Simpson, and helping him with...

Mar 20, 2016

Guest Noah Thomas, Asst. Sports Editor for UNC Wilmington's "The Seahawk" newspaper tells us what it felt like to travel to March Madness! What the winning bracket would be if games decided on mascots fighting each other; Hulk Hogan sex tape court verdict; Proposed "Hot Topics" jingle.

Mar 14, 2016

Carrie Adams, comedian, author of top selling novel "Ruthless" & would-be writer for UFC, talks about MMA, UFC & her spontaneous love of boxing & Muhammad Ali at age 9; NCAA tournament bracket reactions, including UNCW v. Duke; the boys have no respect for the Topic Change Music... zero... nada... FANTASY...

Mar 7, 2016

Dink Kearney of discusses with Gary which Cowboys players would make the best & worst dads, and Cowboy lore in general; Peyton Manning retirement; Fantasy Leagues coming up; NCAA tourney outlook & Cinderella guesses - and somehow this prompts Gary & Louis to discuss HeMan & Skeletor; NFL combine & Chris...