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My Fantasy Wife

Jun 27, 2016

We TRY to give Wills Maxwell Jr life advice before he gets completely out of control. And a BARN BURNER with the Most Passionate Nerd Fan Base Bracket Challenge! Star Trek v Star Wars; Harry Potter v. Super Natural; Marvel v. DC; Dr. Who v. Back to the Future - and more, so much more. No good will come of this. There are...

Jun 23, 2016

Don't worry! that first 30 seconds that it doesn't sound like we don't know we're on air is just Mr. Bishop messing with our heads! We reveal some of the guests our summer episodes! Sultry, wet -n- wild and other sample radio promos; Penisless Glass Horse; Who's on the back stage? All the things we got wrong about Cavs...

Jun 12, 2016

NBA playoffs, including Steph Curry's sneakers, what kind of trash talking (Draymond Green) gets you suspended for a game in the finals; Digital Gary is very complimentary; Belmont Stakes and secrets of horseracing lore, JT v Drake and Kimbo Slice with Carrie Adams.

Jun 6, 2016

Muhammad Ali - the Greatest (& Mr. Bishop's conspiracy theory about what the US govt. did to him); that serial killer who was on The Dating Game; MMA-WWE Crossover Madness; NHL playoffs; NBS playoffs; French Open;Jim Brown was an AMAZING lacross player; Game of Thrones brackets; James Graves, Movie & Pop Culture reporter...