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My Fantasy Wife

Jul 25, 2016

We talk Packers, fantasy leagues and the health of their new pet dog, Dingo, with Mary Mack and Tim Harmston.  Also what sports figures might sway all our votes for any election, and Tim and Mary try to judge our "Sport Power Couples" bracket with various degrees of symmetry.

Also, Baseball Hall of Fame and steroids......

Jul 19, 2016

Nipple-gate rages on. Deflate-gate ends (but not without some last whining). ESPN 30 for 30 "Doc & Darryl"; UFC goes corporate; then we talk British Open and euro soccer-ball stuff with comedian, Rory Scovel - And JUST IN TIME FOR THE RNC, Rory plays  a rousing round of "Who Said It: Trump, Sepp Blatter or Greedy...

Jul 11, 2016

Tomato-Tom-ah-to problem up front; Blaire's "ear-piercing" voice can be a POSITIVE!; Wimbledon, Gary's anti-Canadian tennis stance confronted ("Canadians are lousy with brains!"), why is Mr. Bishop watching tennis in the first place, nipple-gate & sometimes it's tough to be a feminist on the show; UFC 200; NBA draft...

Jul 5, 2016

We mostly chat about the second half of the season of Game of Thrones and catch up on whose character roster got the most "Awesome Points" and therefore won our GOT Fantasy League. Helped along with GOT expert, Raleigh comedian and well known fantasy league cheater, Joe Perrow (Guess who won? We're not good sports).