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My Fantasy Wife

Mar 26, 2018

Look: this episode takes a turn where Gary, fill-in Social Media Maven Lew Morgante & Louis start making up the porn names for real movie names ... it keeps happening. THEY. WILL. NOT. STOP. Like, all episode. (the #FlashGordon sub topics on this alone could be its own podcast series)

We talk about our #NCAA bracket,...

Mar 19, 2018


We go DEEP into @laughwithharrison great grandfather and grandfather who played for the Durham Bulls, White Sox and the scandal that rocked the #CarolinaLeague in 1948!

PLUS what's the "best" #Leprechaun movie and how to REALLY make money off the legal pot "gifting" trade in WashingtonDC

Then we...

Mar 12, 2018

Blaire's in DC - is she embarking in a new career in the current administration? Was Drew's great-grandfather a Chicago "Black" Sox? Or just close? ALL THINGS #NCAA #MARCHMADNESS with comedian guest @comic_md (Melissa Douty)! And #WaffleHouse rules are IN EFFECT for the My Fantasy Wife podcast NCAA bracket challenge!...