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My Fantasy Wife

Nov 28, 2018

We talk holiday movie watching: Bohemian Rhapsody & Blaire has a problem with The Lion King... fave mash up? "The Bad French Lieutenant's Woman" ... Then it's Duke Basketball (the 4th guy is the story) NFL and Tiger v. Mickelson.

But then...THEN! Did you know @drodsgotjokes was for reals one of the TOP PROFESSIONAL...

Nov 12, 2018

We #NHL, college basketball, #NFL, #fantasyfootball and "meet" an player on our fantasy hockey team.  

Then we get down to brass tacks and talk all things #UFO and play UFO Trivia Challenge with comedian guest @brian_bahe out of NYC by way of Arizona!

Nov 5, 2018

Blaire joins the rest of the gang from her car parked at the Clara Barton rest stop on the #NJTurnpike & they discuss how this podcast could turn quickly into a cool #truecrime podcast.  We discuss #fantasyfootball & BP confused Dax Shepard & Dak Prescott.  It's the one week to change lineups in our "Bishop's Rules"...