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My Fantasy Wife

Nov 13, 2017

Jerry Jones v. the NFL - who to root for?

And then of course with Real & made-up Cat-Themed Avenger cat names: NICK FURRY & CAT’IN AMERICA, Black Panther, The Incredible Skulk,  Kill that Hawk Eye, Hellcat, Tigra, Luke – I don’t wanna go in that – Cage, Dr. Mange

And our guest CHRISTIAN SPICER talks about the dilemma of being both an Astros AND Dodgers fan in 2017 - and the former roller blading king plays "Movies with the Word 'Blade' Trivia Challenge"!

THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR  the Double Tree by Hilton in New Orleans! At the heart of everything, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel New Orleans is located at the base of historic Canal Street, directly across from the French Quarter and on the edge of the bustling Central Business District.