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My Fantasy Wife

Dec 5, 2017

Wow.  Just wow.  This episode has a lot going on.

Turns out sassafras is a hard core drug; fill-in Social Media Maven, Wills Maxwell is TOO excited about $5; And turns out there's a dark side to American Folk Heroes #JohnnyAppleseed #PaulBunyan #IchabodCrane just like today's male media & political heroes. OH! And we start planning #WivesForWills - a campaign which, in light of current flux in tax and health care law AND Wills' 26th birthday kicking him off his parents' insurance, looks to find a suitable and willing (he he - "willing") wife WITH good health care insurance for Wills.

Then there's comedian guest TIMMY BOOTH: his whooole #curling obsession; his #boulderinggym and is it just a Sisyphus kinda thing? And then there's his Master Chef Junior blog - and culminates in the ATROCIOUS results of our "Greatest Modern Cooking or Food Show Bracket Challenge" .... oh the humanity.

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