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Sep 13, 2018

Taped on the road in #Boise w/ special guest: friend of the podcast BRIAN BAVA! Enjoy the controversy, smack talk, whining & unearned certainty of opinion in GARY'S FOURTH ANNUAL FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE DRAFT OVERVIEW & FRIEND ALIENATION SPECIAL!

Sep 7, 2018

We preview fantasy #football, then talk #NBA & play “Best American Athlete Nicknames Trivia Challenge” with comedian LEON SCOTT!

Aug 21, 2018

Is it still cool to bean a batter just because he's good? Who has the most to prove in NFL this season?  AND we talk with comedian guest @WynterSpears about her time in @UpWithPeople - headliners of so many #SuperBowl #HalfTimeShows - and giver of life to one of our fave stand up bits!

Jul 29, 2018

We talk #NFL draft with our special "Bishop's Rules" League, #NBA trades, and learn about competitive robot building and play "Greatest Movie Robot of All Time Bracket Challenge" with comedian guest CHELSEA SHORTE! @chikachels


Jul 25, 2018

We talk upcoming #fantasy football draft rules, and then #BritishOpen #golf and Weirdest Minor League Baseball Giveaways of All Time Trivia Challenge with comedian guest @toriovangrol