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My Fantasy Wife

Feb 29, 2016

ALEX of NBA CatWatch discusses NBA cats on the down-low, NBA Player-Cat synergies, breaking news: WNBA CatWatch coming, and HELLO Wilt Chamberlain loved the kitties; Plus Steph Curry, MFW Fantasy Leagues forming now, NCAA tournament predictions, OSCAR PICKS!

Feb 22, 2016

This week welcome guest MIKE MARTIN:owner of RENAISSANCE RUMBLE (Shakespeare themed intro to pro-wrestling school & performance troupe) & member of HOUSE OF PAIN wrestling gym in Hagerstown, MD.  We discuss getting into wrestling, why the love, how do you know when wrestling chooses you, & the ups & downs of KAYFABE.


Feb 14, 2016

A recap of the Superbowl that sways from melancholy to conspiratorial and back to Peyton-bashing; Eli Manning's face; Surfacing allegations of a weird possible Peyton scandal; Johnny Manziel...

THEN GUEST, CHRIS TREW! The Creative Director of The New Movement Theaters in New Orleans & Austin and comedian discusses his role...

Feb 1, 2016

The Patriots, Cards & Cowboys are not in the Super Bowl; NBA Cat Watch is a real & important web/twitter project; Whoomp There It Is! Puppy Bowl v. Kitten Bowl; Best SB prop bet odds.  Timmy Booth joins us as official Panther fan rep.  Super Bowl predictions!